Important Updates

Active Kids Government Voucher

The NSW Govt will supply a $100 voucher for use for children in an approved activity eg Rugby Union.

Various providers will be approved by the Government and will be able to redeem the voucher against registration fees.The ARU will be the designated provider for Rugby Union and in order to use the voucher the parent will need to register and pay on line in Rugby Link.

Parents will need a MyGov account to receive their voucher which can only be used once. All clubs and their locations will be available on the MyGov website so that parents can choose their Club and get their voucher. 

The voucher can be used for registration fees for playing and also Junior referees may use a voucher to pay their referee association fees. 

The Government anticipates the system will be operational by January 31st. 

Familes wishing to utilisethe registration voucher must not register before 31/1/2018. Registrations before the voucher system is operational cannot redeem the voucher subsequently.  

If the registration fee is lower than $100 the remainder is not credited to the parent or club.